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We are in center of Limbuš, next to Jakob's church. Premises have tidy parking area and has two guest's rooms and bar, accepts 50 guest's and annual garden, that he accepts 40 guest's, and nook for children. We engage in batch of pizzas and offer also something these are classics: of trout, dishes from barbecue and what, also something can be still hired for snack!

All food that to order also behind self!



Uroš Črnko s.p.

Limbuška cesta 44
2341 Limbuš
telefon: 02/613-14-20
GSM: 041/570-403

Opening time:

Since Monday by Saturday
from 9.00 to 22.00 hours

Sundays - closed

Politely invited and welcome !



Offer also white wine Archduke from Meranovo, that he lies above Limbuš. Also from opposite of river Drava have from Svečina groves white wine wine growing Leber.
25 types of pizzas with different stuffings are eating it per choice and different stuffings are eating it per choice and different cheeses. Next to this are still also lepinje and "Mexican touch" Chilli Con Carne and Burittos, that supplement our offer.

Collectivity of inn and pizzeria "PRI MAGDI"



Gostilna in Pizzerija  pri MAGDI